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Please note that use of this webpage is restricted to those who have purchased access to the Online Video Archive of our 2009 Stauffer Symposium, Applying the Science of Positive Psychology to Improve Society. Sharing of this link is in direct violation of the agreement signed by purchasing access. However, use of these videos for educational purposes, i.e. showing the videos in a classroom setting, is permitted.

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Introduction: Determining What Works in the Emerging Positive Social and Human Sciences (30 Minutes)
The Past, Present, and Future of Positive Psychology
Pre-Presentation of the Clifton Strengths Award

Happiness and Complete Wealth: Implications for Public Policy (30 Minute)

Using Positive Emotions to Enhance Human Flourishing (30 minutes)

Why Character Matters (51 minutes)

First Panel Discussion (30 Minutes)

How Positive Psychosocial Resources Enhance Health and Well-Being (28 Minutes)

Positive Psychology-Inspired Teaching in Public Schools (36 Minutes)

Contexts of Positive Development in Adulthood (33 Minutes)

Seeing the Possibilities in Positive Identities and Organizations (31 Minutes)

The Effects of Positive Leadership on Organizational Performance (33 minutes)

The Discovery and Design of Positive Institutions: How Organizations Magnify High Human Strengths Outward into Our World (36 Minutes)

The Mind and Evolution: The Future of Positive Psychology (33 Minutes)

Closing Panel Discussion (30 minutes)

Claremont Graduate University currently offers M.A. and Ph.D. programs with concentrations in Positive Psychology. Follow the link to read more.