What Works art

A Claremont Graduate University Workshop

Hosted by Robert Klitgaard
President and University Professor
Claremont Graduate University

When we tackle important social problems, how do we know what will work?

This question is central for government agencies, NGOs, business leaders, philanthropists, and universities. Increasingly, leaders and citizens are demanding useful information about what works. Fortunately, a variety of novel and sometimes surprising methods can help us obtain that information.

On January 12, 2008, Claremont Graduate University hosted a day-long workshop to leverage this accumulating knowledge, to create a network of leaders and scholars interested in “what works.”

“Davos-style” morning panels led a group of innovators
and specialists through informal questions and answers.

The morning panels springboarded a private afternoon session focused on practical applications. In small groups, participants shared ideas about the next steps in improving knowledge about what works. In plenary, participants offered these ideas and considered new, collaborative initiatives. What steps should all of us take to make sure that if we reconvene five years from now, we will know a lot more about what works?

Over 100 invited guests participated, including
leaders from civil society, government, business, and academia.

Follow the links to view video of the morning panels, or click on the headshots to read more about our panelists:

Panel One (Video)

Panel Two (Video)

Albrecht Auditorium, John Stauffer Hall of Learning (follow link for map)
Claremont Graduate University
925 N. Dartmouth Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

For further information, contact:

Donna Standlea, Executive Assistant to the President
Claremont Graduate University
(909) 621-8025