The mission of the Drucker Customer Lab is to prepare managers and organizations to lead consumer creation globally in the digital age.


Our mission is accomplished by pursuing three key objectives:

  1. Customer insights: The Lab develops, tests, and deploys new ways to gain rich customer insights by directly tracking customer behaviors and actions through technology-enabled devices. This approach can improve or substitute conventional customer insight techniques such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, or observational, anthropological methods. Outcomes include use cases, customer journeys, habits and profiles.
  2. Innovation and optimization: The Lab applies these new sources of customer insights to develop new products and optimize channel systems so that “the product or service fits the customer and sells itself” (Peter F. Drucker). This can include the codification of customer-product interaction using algorithms and computational means, such as AI that includes simulations and machine learning.
  3. Developing best practices: The Lab works alongside organizations and helps them to speed up the process from insights and ideas to product (IoP) through agile development methods and boot camps.


The Lab is a cross-disciplinary effort driven by faculty in the marketing, decision and social sciences faculty. The Lab is led by Chris Langdon, who has spent time in both the academic and private sector. Key faculty include Bernie Jaworski, Drucker Chair in Management and the Liberal Arts, and David Sprott, dean of the Drucker School and professor of marketing.


The Drucker Philosophy

We are heirs to the legacy of Peter Drucker, “the man who invented management” (Business Week) and the “most enduring guru of them all” (The Economist). Working from the foundation of his principles of modern management, we can focus on implementing his theories to help companies become customer-centric.



In the end, success matters, and we have a strong record of it–despite our small size, or perhaps because of it. Drucker School has scores of successful alumni, has aided numerous companies and won awards in both the academic and professional worlds.



Our team features experts–award-winning marketing scientists, entrepreneurs, and former Big 5 consultants. Drucker also runs joint programs with leading institutions such as Sotheby’s Institute of Art and Art Center College of Design.


We are located in the greater Los Angeles area, one of the world’s largest, most trend-setting consumer markets.


More Information

Please contact:
Chris S. Langdon
Director, Drucker Customer Lab
Research Associate Professor, Drucker School of Management