Amazon’s “vision is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company,” which has caused it to evolve constantly, from an online bookstore into a source of smart products and artificial intelligence, such as the Alexa virtual assistant.

Most companies like yours know what has to be done. What worked yesterday will no long work against new competition born in the cloud and operating at internet speed.

So you need to evolve your skills and capabilities–but getting there is a struggle and it may take far too long.

Our Lab can help you speed up your transition, because education and science are our core competencies. We are experts in customer science and The Practice of Management (Peter Drucker’s 1954 classic that created the discipline of modern management).

Bernie Jaworski, a key Lab contributor, is one of the most influential marketing scholars on customer centricity. In 2015 the American Marketing Association (AMA) recognized him “for the significant and enduring impact of his seminal work on market orientation” with the Mahajan Award. AMA had recognized him earlier for his impact with its Sheth Award, and for his contributions to marketing theory with its Maynard Award. Jaworski worked closely with the AMA–and its task force–to establish the “7 Big Problems of Marketing.”


Workshops, Living Labs, Analytics Engines

We can educate your employees in customized workshops; we can take your entire department and introduce customer-centric applications and workflows. We have assisted clients with the construction of analytics “engines” or applications. We have also created immersive, high-performance environments where we combine your team and our students in modified graduate courses to transition to customer-centricity.

Example: “Smart Home & Energy” With SCE

Utilities are in a digital transformation facing unprecedented technological change–solar energy, distributed generation, home batteries–as well as deregulation–renewables, community choice aggregation. So Southern California Edison teamed with us to explore improving Demand Response (DR) programs using business experiments with real customers. We created an immersive Living Lab environment with our students and SCE’s showcase Energy Education Center in Irwindale. Using plug-load control devices from Schneider Electric for data collection, psychology and anthropology research for experimental design, we ran data analytics studies to verify optimization opportunities.

Example: Customer-Centric Healthcare

For the past four years, the Drucker School has been a valued partner of ResMed. ResMed is a company that changes lives with award-winning medical devices and cutting-edge cloud-based software applications that better diagnose, treat and manage sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic diseases. Among other activities, we have engaged with ResMed to design, develop, and deliver their Leadership Acceleration Program for their top leaders. Jaworski has also co-authored two case studies on ResMed’s transition to a tech driven, medical device company. The cases are scheduled to be published in the IMD case series in 2017.