Peter Drucker said, “The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.”

Planning for the future of any business is a challenge. Add navigating family dynamics and generational succession planning, and you have really stacked your odds.

The Drucker School Global Family Business Institute connects family businesses with leaders who have overcome the challenges unique to the family enterprise, resources to help identify and strategize effective solutions, and support to address the complexities of generational differences.

The institute serves as an educational arm of the Drucker School of Management that equips current family business leaders with relevant training to ensure continued business success, understand wise wealth management, and refine interpersonal skills as well as set the stage for the next generation of leaders. We do this in a variety of ways:

Education Sessions

We believe that opportunities to connect with other family businesses are crucial for both professional and personal growth. That’s why we offer several education sessions throughout the year that create a space to engage, learn, and belong.

Managing the Family Business Course

The Managing the Family Business course is one of the courses offered as a part of the Drucker School’s management program curriculum. Drucker School faculty, in collaboration with family business leaders and experts, provide students with a dynamic classroom experience built around live case studies, available research, and peer-to-peer learning. Students who complete the course are equipped with the knowledge and tools to confidently address the real-life issues they face in their family businesses.

The Claremont Family Business Student Association

The goal of the Claremont Family Business Student Association is to create a hub where students who work in or come from family businesses can engage with and learn from one another as well as leaders and experts affiliated with the Institute.

Open to all college and university students who work for or come from a family-owned or operated business.

For ways to get involved, contact us at