Working effectively at the intersection of the financial and non-financial lives of business-owning families is challenging and dynamic. It also is one of the most lucrative market niches advisors can work in if they are well-equipped.

The Certificate in Advising Family Enterprises Program is designed for advisors to business-owning families who want to attract, retain and serve multi-generational family businesses.

About the Program

What will you learn?

The program is developed in a 6-module framework that covers the following topics:

  • The Business Case for Serving Business-Owning Families
  • Re-defining the Client Relationship
  • Deeper Discovery by Asking Better Questions
  • The Family Enterprise (with Case Study)
  • Proactively Managing the 5 C’s (Contingency Plans, Cash Flow, Communication, Conflict, and Compensation)
  • Family Business Governance
How long does it take?

The program is divided into 6 modules that can either be delivered in a two-day, intensive in-person format or spread out over 6 different sessions and delivered virtually.

Who can sign up?

Cohorts for the program are typically developed by a single institution (e.g., bank, CPA firm, brokerage company). One organization fills the seats for the cohort. We currently aren’t offering open enrollment programs.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the program is $2,600 per participant.

who do i contact to learn more?

Contact or call Dave Specht, the Director of the Drucker School Global Family Business Institute, at (509) 318-0706.


About the program
  • “Awesome. Highly recommend and I am a better advisor for being part of the discussion!”
  • “The content was very practical. Putting it into action will be the biggest challenge.”
  • “Provided good conversation and deeper thinking about our clients and how best to serve them.”
  • “A very interesting topic. Training was informative and beneficial with going deep into specifics on how to prepare for meetings, types of client personalities, questions that can be asked, and scenarios of different family dynamics and situations.”
About the facilitator
  • “Very knowledgable and engaging.”
  • “Fantastic. Displayed amazing knowledge and proficiency and really made sure to engage with everyone. Great tempo and demeanor.”
  • “Interesting and thought-provoking.”
  • “Very personable and able to engage the group.”