The Drucker Difference

january 9, 2023

Your next career might not be with a large publicly traded company, but with a family-owned business. In this blog post, Dave Specht explains why you should consider working for a family business. He also offers advice on how to find a job in a family business that is meaningful to you – especially since some of the best job opportunities are never publicly posted.


december 16, 2022

Family dairies that reflect upon their current status and future plans regarding cash, contingency, compensation, communication and conflict will be in a stronger position to succeed today and for future generations. Learn about the 5 C’s of generational continuity in family dairy here.

Raising Children

december 13, 2022

Why do recent trends show that many kids raised in affluence don’t reach their full potential? Perhaps in our quest to give kids everything, we aren’t providing some important life lessons. Larry J. Rybka (Valmark Financial Group) and Dave Specht discussed this idea and highlighted six strategies that parents can use in order to “raise children with batteries included.” Watch the first and second part of the interview.

Shared Dream Fallacy

december 7, 2022

For years, it’s been said that “the key to business continuity is a shared dream.” Or is it? In this article, James E. “Jay” Hughes, Jr. and Dave Specht explore this notion by identifying the stages of a dream and the five types of people we interact with when discussing our dreams.

Union Bank

November 16, 2022

It takes courage to start a tough conversation with family members about the business or other sensitive topics. Listen to a panel discussion featuring Dave Specht and hosted by Union Bank about how to successfully facilitate difficult family discussions.

Atlantic Union Bank

october 26, 2022

It goes without saying that business succession planning is a challenging process. In this webinar hosted by Atlantic Union Bank, Grey Merryman and Dave Specht talk about the 5 C’s of business succession planning to help you preserve your family relationships and perpetuate your business.

Summer 2022

There isn’t a magic recipe that guarantees the preservation of your family relationships and the perpetuation of your business. However, there are five key items that will enhance the likelihood of family business continuity. Find out what they are here.


May 24, 2022

For many agribusiness owners, there comes a time when they must prepare for generational succession. Ultimately, success in succession planning is achieved when family relationships are maintained and there is business continuity across generations. Learn more about the keys to preserving families and perpetuating farms and ranches here.

family purpose

march 16, 2022

In addition to fostering corporate purpose, family firms must also cultivate purpose among family members that are a part of the family business. In this article, Kendall Cotton Bronk summarizes The Family Purpose Project, a recent multinational study that explored the role of family purpose in well-established family enterprises. She discusses the importance of family purpose in helping families reach their business goals and serve the public good.

Work life balance

December 16, 2021

For people who are both parents and business owners, maintaining a work-life balance can be a complicated challenge. Take a minute out of your day to consider these four guidelines for leading a more balanced life. Give it a try here.

December 1, 2021

What are the three C’s of succession planning? Dave Specht explains the importance of the three C’s for achieving a successful family business transition. Read more here.

Peter S. & Elizabeth Sealey

October 14, 2021

Drucker School alumnus Peter S. Sealey and his wife Elizabeth donate $1 Million to the Drucker School’s Global Family Business Institute. Their gift will establish the annual Dr. Peter S. Sealey, PhD Award in Family Business to recognize the exemplary contributions to business or society by a family business or a family business leader. Learn more here.

David Specht

May 5, 2021

David Specht is the next director of the Drucker School Global Family Business Institute. Specht previously developed the Family Dynamics offering at Wells Fargo Private Bank; founded a consulting firm for multi-generational family companies; and served on the faculty at the University of Nebraska, where he established their family business program. Read more here.


Human-centric Investing Podcast

january11, 2023

Human-Centric Investing Podcast

Family-owned businesses offer opportunities for new wealth in regards to client acquisition. Dave Specht provides his expertise on how financial professionals can navigate these complex relationships and tap into this market. Listen to what he has to say about how financial professionals can find new wealth in family owned businesses.

Human-centric Investing Podcast

November 17, 2022

Human-Centric Investing Podcast

How can advisors strengthen client relationships and increase retention across generations during asset transfers? The answer is by redefining the client relationship from serving stew although creator to serving the family unit. Hear what Dave Specht and Julie Genjac (Hartford Funds) have to say about how the family unit is redefining client relationships.

Distraction-Proof Advisor Podcast

February 17, 2022

The Distraction-Proof Advisor Podcast

Listen to an enlightening conversation with Dave Specht and host Paul Kingsman about the key considerations that advisors need to be aware of when working with family business owners.

Family Business Today

January 24, 2022

Family Business Today Podcast

In this episode hosted by Greg Lewis, Dave Specht offers guidelines for preserving families and perpetuating family businesses when planning for the rising generation.

The Farm CPA Podcast

November 16, 2021

The Farm CPA Podcast

Dave Specht explains to host Paul Neiffer about what successful transitions from one generation to the next require.

The Business of Family Podcast

November 14, 2021

The Business of Family Podcast

Dave Specht and host Mike Boyd have an insightful conversation about preserving families and perpetuating businesses.

Impact Farming Podcast

October 22, 2021

Impact Farming Podcast

Dave Specht and host Tracy Brunet discuss various aspects of farm boss leadership such as: self-management; leadership development and its effects on mental health, families, and the farm; and leadership presence.

Living the Country Life Radio

September 15, 2021

Living the Country Life Radio

Dave Specht and host Jodi Henke talk about generational succession planning for families who pass down the farm from generation to generation.

Disruptive Successor Podcast

June 1, 2021

Disruptive Successor Podcast

Dave Specht sits down with host Jonathan Goldhill to talk about succession planning and the next generation.

Enterprising Families Podcast

December 28, 2020

Enterprising Families Podcast

Tsitsi Mutendi (host and Family Governance Expert and Nhaka Legacy Lead Consultant) and Dave Specht talk about the importance of matriarchs in the family business.


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