Clary, William W.

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Himrod, William B.

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Lawler, Oscar (b. 1875)

United States Attorney

Reminiscences, 1962

Describes Los Angeles in 1890’s, reading law, work as United States Attorney
and as Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Interior Department under President
Taft. Mentions political and business leaders in Los Angeles, influence of the
Southern Pacific Railroad, the Lincoln-Roosevelt League, and Farmers and Merchants
National Bank. The last half of the manuscript is his recollections of: Pullman
strike (1894), Neutrality Law violations of Mexican refugees, Imperial Valley,
the Los Angeles Times
and McNamara prosecution.

Interviewers: John Niven, Associate Professor of History, Claremont Graduate
School; David W. Davies, Librarian, Honnold Library; Francis Lindley, Los Angeles
lawyer and member of the Board of
Fellows, Claremont Graduate School.

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Loeb, Joseph

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Mukaeda, Katsuma

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Walker, Irving G.

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Wickes, Francis

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