Bowles, Paul

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Chase, Waldo F.

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State and Local History

Miyatake, Toyo

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State and Local History

Thomson, Virgil (b.1896)

Composer, Music Critic

A Musician in Paris, 1965

Mr. Thomson was in Paris in 1921-22 and returned in 1925 to remain, for the
most part, until the Nazi invasion of France in 1940. Describes his life and
associations in Paris: participation in French cultural life; influence on him
of Erik Satie’s music; his associations with Gertrude Stein and their collaboration
on Four Saints in Three Acts, which he produced in 1934 to begin his theatrical
career in the United States.

Interviewer: George Wickes, Professor of English, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont
Graduate School. This interview was conducted in conjunction with the writings
of Professor Wickes’ book Americans in Paris. 1903-1939 (Paris Review-Doubleday,

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