Dewey, Sabino L.

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Douglass, M. Evelyn Fitzsimmons (1887-1971)


Comments on G. Stanley Hall and the Career of her Husband, Aubrey A.
, 1963

Secretary to G. Stanley Hall, President of Clark University; wife of Aubrey
A. Douglass, educator. Describes her ten-year service (1908-1918) as personal
secretary to Dr. Hall, the renowned American psychologist: his writing habits,
relationship with students and faculty, and the national impact of his students
in Psychology. Recounts the story of her husband’s career: college professor;
President James Blaisdell’s first appointee to the newly founded Claremont Graduate
School to serve as its academic head; Associate Superintendent of Public Instruction
in charge of the State College System in California (1946-1952). Comments on
Dr. Blaisdell
in relation to Miss Scripps’ role in founding a new college.

Interviewers: F. Theodore Perkins, Professor of Psychology, Claremont Graduate
School; Caroline Beatty, Oral History Program.

Restricted Interview. Contact us for more information.

Sait, Una Bernard

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College Oral History Collection

Schneider, Herbert

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