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Those quick, online #Wellbeing programs – how well do they really work?

Check out my latest research with @WorkLifeDiary  published in the @APA  journal, International Journal of Stress Management to find out more! 



Our meta-analytical research supports two different paths, #stress & reduced #commitment as mechanisms that link experiencing workplace incivility to wellbeing and job attitudes

Dr. Gonzalez-Morales @WorkLifeDiary May 13

I had so much fun #sharing #air and #WWlab findings on #remotework during #COVID19 Make AIR #Nanotransitions if you #Workathome: Autonomous, Intentional and Regulated breaks help #remoteworking #wellbeing @TNDYCGU @CGUnews

— Dr. Gonzalez-Morales (@WorkLifeDiary) February 24, 2021

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Thank you @LilaMacLellan from @QuartzAtWork for translating our research to have direct impact for Workers’ Wellbeing! @meg_benz @PosOrgChloe and Alyssa Birnbaum are the researchers from who led this qualitative research, thanks to all our participants!

— Dr. Gonzalez-Morales (@WorkLifeDiary) February 10, 2021

Nano transitions: a very tiny hack for keeping burnout at bay, courtesy of @LilaMacLellan and @WorkLifeDiary. But remember, they need to happen on YOUR schedule. If they’re dictated to you by someone or something else, they don’t empower via @quartzatwork

— Heather Landy (@HeatherLandy) February 10, 2021



Featured on Two for You – University of Minnesota Extension

Feeling like you’re jumping from call to call without taking a moment to clear your mind? Create more nano transitions in your day. Find out what they are and why they might help you find more balance and avoid burnout in this episode of Two for You.


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