Upcoming Events

Open House Event: Journal Review Process

February 24, 4.00 PM PT 2022

Want to learn more about what happens behind-the-scenes during the journal review process? Dr. González-Morales will share her experiences as an associate editor for the Journal of Work & Stress and the Journal of Business & Psychology. We’ll discuss dilemmas that reviewers encounter, such as potential harking.

International Women’s Day Events

March 8 -11, 2022

We’re holding 4 incredible events in honor of International Women’s Day! Check out our full schedule here:

International Women’s Day Events


Past Events

Open House Event: Effect Sizes

Recording here

OCTOBER 5, 4.00 PM PT 2021

The Worker Wellbeing Lab is holding an open lab meeting for anyone interested in learning about the lab and participating in our discussion about effect sizes. We’ll discuss the book chapter by Cortina and Landis, When Small Effect Sizes Tell a Big Story, and When Large Effect Sizes Don’t.


Open House Event: Myths and Urban Legend of Thematic Analysis

Recording here

JUNE 9, 4:30pm PT, 2021

Presented by Katya Pogrebtsova, PhD.

Thematic analysis is one of the most widely used research methods in the social sciences. Braun and Clarke’s definitive 2006 paper, Using Thematic Analysis in Psychology, has 99,929 citations and counting, making it one of the most cited academic papers of all time. This popularity has contributed to the perception of thematic analysis as both the most widely accepted, and equally, most overrated, qualitative research method to exist. Most recently, Braun and Clarke (2019, 2020) have developed the reflexive thematic analysis approach that encourages expanded opportunities for thematic analysis usage. Much of what was thought as limited or simplistic about thematic analysis (i.e., the “myths and urban legends”) is arguably mere misuse of the method, or no longer applicable when applying the revised reflexive approach. But just how much have these past misconceptions of thematic analysis been impacting your thinking and research decisions? Further, how might you gain new insights into your qualitative research questions with a reflexive thematic analysis approach? The current talk—part discussion of the most prevalent thematic analysis “myths,” part summary of reflexive thematic analysis, and part group reflection—will address these questions. The audience will leave with a greater understanding of how to expand their qualitative research possibilities using one of Psychology’s most acclaimed yet misunderstood methods.


Worker Wellbeing SIOP Presentations

APRIL 15 – 17, 2021

The Worker Wellbeing Lab is presenting 3 papers at SIOP.


International Women’s Day Celebrations on March 4, 5 and 8 2021





Dr. Gonzalez-Morales’ invited talk for the Canadian Positive Psychology Association CPPA

February 18, 2021 4.00 pm PT / 7.00 pm EST

Feminist Positive Organizational Psychology: Respectful Engagement for Building Positive Relational Cultures (Register here)

In this talk, I use a feminist epistemological lens to the study of respectful engagement in lieu of ‘civility’ in the workplace, as the counterpoint of workplace incivility and other organizational deviant behaviors. I build a theoretical framework based upon the positive organizational scholarship (POS) concepts of positive social capital (Bakker & Dutton, 2006), high-quality connections (Dutton & Heaphy, 2003) and the feminist theory of relational work and practice (Fletcher, 1998).


Worker Wellbeing Open House! 

Thursday, February 4th, at 3:00pm PT.

The Worker Wellbeing Lab, directed by Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales, is hosting an open house THIS THURSDAY at 3pm PT! 

We will share information about:

  • Our lab’s mission, culture and expectations
  • Past and present research and accomplishments
  • Upcoming open events
  • And more!

If you are interested in attending, please take a quick minute to register here! The zoom session (link here) will start this Thursday, February 4th, at 3:00pm PT.

It was great to see you there! Follow up by emailing gloria.gonzalez@cgu.edu or schedule a virtual meeting with her through calendly.com/meetingatcgu


January 21, 2020: Dr. Gonzalez-Morales is a panelist at

Quartz at Work: How to get re-engaged with work when morale is running low


December 10, 2020: Lab Holiday Party


October 29, 2020: Positive PsyDays and the Worker Wellbeing Lab presented their first speaker of the semester, Katya Pogrebtsova, M.A., ABD

Harnessing Appreciative Inquiry and Job Crafting for Belonging, Health and Flourishing in the Workplace and Beyond.

Please email us if you are interested in a recording of the session!

keynote address

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