Family business isn’t always business as usual. That’s why the Drucker School Global Family Business Institute offers continuing education and professional growth opportunities that address the unique challenges of family enterprises, both locally and globally.

What are Peer Affinity Groups? 

The Drucker School Global Family Business Institute’s Affinity Groups are peer groups of 8–15 family business members in similar family roles who meet in parallel to the Education Session Series, allowing members to discuss experiences, common interests, ideas, and concerns in a confidential environment where they can learn from each other.

Affinity Members Opportunities

  • Share their experiences in a confidential space where they can learn from others in similar roles
  • Seek advice and help with challenges they are currently facing
  • Provide advice and guidance to their fellow members
  • Host monthly meetings and present topics for discussion

Affinity Group Mission

The Founder/CEO and Next Gen Affinity Groups facilitate roundtable discussions designed exclusively for family businesses. These groups provide a professional support system where experiences are shared and members learn from one another in a confidential environment, conducive to the exchange of ideas, information, and education. They serve as a community of peers who fully understand the integration of business, family, and personal challenges for those involved in family business.

Affinity Group Values


  • Each group has a shared purpose and set expectations
  • Each member is committed to respecting the confidentiality of all members


  • Members are expected to attend meetings as regularly as feasible; members rely on each other for follow-up, feedback, and continuity


  • Forum facilitators allow each group to explore areas of common interest while guiding members back to selected topics when meetings drift into areas not aligned with the group’s shared agenda


  • All groups meet once a month for approximately two (2) hours over lunch
  • Meetings are held on the Claremont Graduate University campus or may take place at a member’s place of business

Operations Guidelines

  • Proposed new members shall be discussed and then, if there is a consensus, invited to attend a meeting. After attending a meeting, each new member must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote. The ideal group size is 10–15 members.
  • Guest speakers are welcomed and invited by a group member or the Facilitator. Speakers shall be proposed and approved by the group prior to offering the speaker an invitation. Speakers serve as advocates for the institute and are not compensated or allowed to solicit the group.

Membership Requirements

  • Be a current member of the Drucker School Global Family Business Institute
  • Not be a significant competitor of an existing affinity group member
  • Receive a majority vote of existing affinity group member approval
  • Attend 75% of the meetings scheduled on an annual basis
  • Maintain confidentiality on all member/meeting information