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Nazanin Zargarpour, PhD

Faculty, Claremont Evaluation Center; Founder & Principal Investigator (PI), EDEVAL Lab; Adjunct Faculty, Claremont Graduate University; Founder and PI, Pomona Regional Learning Collaborative

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Colin Bramin

“The EDEVAL Lab has provided a very good in-depth experience, which has really increased my knowledge base.”

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Serena Chapman

“I’ve learned a lot about how evaluation sometimes does not go as planned. Understanding survey analysis was also very helpful to me, because I took the whole statistics sequence, but none of it really sunk in until this project gave me contextual data. I’ve also learned a lot about presenting findings in a sensitive way."

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Shannon Feil

“I have really enjoyed all the hands-on experience that I’ve had on the Regional Learning Collaborative team, including project management, educational research, writing newsletters, and seeing everything from the ground up. The RLC did not exist a year ago, so to see all the teams, universities, and college attainment groups see a mutual goal and put a strategy behind it is very exciting.”

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Max Freund

“Evaluation methodology can be also be used for organizational learning and decision making. It’s exciting to see all these different pieces coming together and understanding how to wrangle this into one strategic plan. How do we prioritize? How do we operationalize and make this manageable, so stakeholders or practitioners can take it on and use it?"

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Angela Kramperth

“My work in the EDEVAL Lab has really brought my Organizational Behaviour education full circle. I’ve been able to use what I learned in class and and actually see it play out in real life. What’s been really great to is to see that evaluation is applicable to everything. I am very happy that I joined the EDEVAL Lab and it’s really been a great learning experience.”

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Manami Miyawaki

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James McConchie

“I have learned -- and found very valuable -- that there is a variety of work available, ranging from project management to curriculum feedback on the Regional Learning Collaborative, and getting to see how a project works when a lot of stakeholders are involved. The program at Claremont Graduate University does a really good job at bridging the gap between research and practice by getting the information from schools and labs into the hands of people who can use it.”

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Mike Mwirigi

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Elyse Postelwaite

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Alexandra Ruiz

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Roya Tabrizi

"The EDEVAL Lab has helped me to gain hands-on experience within a community setting. It has allowed me to develop skills and capacities for working with institutions and reporting findings. The Lab has also aided me in learning how to disseminate insights and challenges through various mediums and how to practically carry out a research project."

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Dana Wanzer

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Jinghui (Elaine) Zhang


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