Distinguished University Professor Stewart I. Donaldson directs the LOV-Lab at the Claremont Colleges. The LOV-Lab supports basic research projects on leader and organization vitality, well-being, and optimal functioning a work, including CGU doctoral dissertations, theses, portfolio items, and research tools. In addition, we work on a wide range of applied research and evaluation projects to support the needs of Connected EC’s LOV-Center.

CGU Alumna Dr. Jamie Shapiro leads Connected EC, a leadership development firm that works with CEOs, C-Suites and organizations at Fortune 500 and large companies. Connected EC has a team of credentialed leadership coaches who work with individual leaders, teams, and organizations to lead with vitality toward outstanding performance. Anchored in the science of positive psychology and well-being, Connected EC provides executive coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements to support leadership and organization effectiveness. From support from the LOV-Center and LOV-Lab, Connected EC works with clients across a wide ranges of sectors and industries worldwide.

For more information please visit the LOV-Center Website.

For more information about working in the LOV-Lab contact Lab Manager Beggi Olafsson at beggiolafs@beggiolafs.com.

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