The Inequality and Policy Research Center (IPRC) is an initiative of the Institute for Democratic Renewal. IPRC supports the scientific analysis of political, health, socioeconomic, and group-specific inequality in the United States and abroad. We develop evidence-based policy and program solutions to problems related to inequality.

About the IPRC

Inequality is arguably the most transdisciplinary, socially-oriented, and eye-opening problem in the United States and worldwide. Because it deals with a great variety of data sources, theoretical frameworks, and methodologies, inequality represents a vertex where research agendas unify and generate collaborative academic and institutional networks. Yet, even though topics within the realm of inequality can enhance every aspect of the educational process, CGU does not currently have a research-driven institution dedicated to the study of inequality. We are, therefore, proposing the establishment of the Claremont’s Inequality and Policy Research Center (IPRC) —a useful platform to encourage the exchange of ideas, attract students, generate resources, and enrich CGU’s overall academic environment.


The IPRC has five main objectives:

  1. To support the scientific analysis of political, health, socioeconomic, and group-specific (e.g., gender, racial, ethnic) inequality in the US and abroad.
  2. To develop evidence-based policy and program solutions to problems that originate from, or are related to, inequality.
  3. To disseminate the research, data, and policy recommendations resulting from IPRC’s activities.
  4. To train and support undergraduate and graduate students on their research and generate cross-disciplinary collaborations between faculty members and institutions.
  5. Become a scientific platform for the promotion and generation of human, economic, and institutional resources to be invested in social justice and equity.


Inequality Lab

Inequality Lab is a biweekly meeting of faculty and graduate students. The Lab is a space for research conversation, presentations of current research, and trainings on topics related to inequality and research methodology.

Location: McManus 225
Time: 12:00 – 1:30 pm (Lunch provided)

September 28, 2018
October 12, 2018
October 26, 2018
November 9, 2018
November 30, 2018


Upcoming Events

March 29, 2019
The Inequality and Policy Research Center at Claremont Graduate University along with the Politics, Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity Consortium (PRIEC) invite submissions for presentation from students and faculty for a conference to be held at the CGU campus on Friday March 29th, 2019.

For this PRIEC meeting, we are accepting presentation proposals broadly related to race, ethnicity, immigration, and gender from any discipline and methodological approach. We are particularly interested in topics related to inequality with a policy focus. Applicants are encouraged to apply if their presentations are relevant, but not limited, to the following subjects:
• The intersection of race and gender
• Racial disparities in political behavior and representation
• Racial/ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic disparities in health
• Interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to race or gender inequality
• Policies or interventions shrinking race and gender inequality
• Immigration policy
• Immigrants and immigration under the current political climate
• Race, gender and political identity
• Activism, civil society groups, or interest groups related to gender or race

Please submit proposals to Jovana Morales at, using “PRIEC” in the subject line. Our call for proposal expects the abstract of your research idea (ideally in not more than 200 words). No paper is required to be submitted for your research presentation. The PRIEC conference proposal submissions are due by Midnight (PT) March 7th, 2019.
We also encourage undergraduate seniors to submit their proposals. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the conference coordinator at
We look forward to receiving your applications!



March 29, 2019

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PRIEC Program Schedule

Getting to the CGU Campus

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DataCamp Summer 2019

IPRC presents the online data camp for Module 1 beginning May 28th. This class is supported by DataCamp, the most intuitive learning platform for data science. Learn R, Python and SQL the way you learn best through a combination of short expert videos and hands-on-the-keyboard exercises. Take over 100+ courses by expert instructors on topics such as importing data, data visualization or machine learning and learn faster through immediate and personalized feedback on every exercise.