Spring 2022 IPRC Event Calendar

Research Webinars

IPRC Research Webinars are bi-weekly meeting of faculty and graduate students, featuring leading researchers in political science and connecting CGU emerging scholars to networks.

Location: Online – Zoom
Time: Wednesdays, 11 am –  12 pm

February 16 – Jack Santucci, Ph.D., Drexel University, “More Parties or No Parties: The Politics of Electoral Reform in America”

March 2 – Soomi Lee, Ph.D., University of La Verne, “Emergency Loan Distribution through Regional Banking Markets: Examining the Paycheck Protection Program during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

March 23 – Tyler Reny, Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, “How Vulnerability Shapes Climate Policy Attitudes: The Case of Rising Sea Level” (with Andrew Reeves and Dino Christienson)

April 6 – Michele Ver Ploeg, Ph.D., George Washington University, “Policy Research in the Federal Government”

April 20 – Yesola Kweon, Ph.D., Sungkyunkwan University (Korea), “Why Do Young Men Oppose Gender Quotas? Group Threat and Backlash to Legislative Gender Quotas”

For abstracts, please visit here.


April 22, 2022 – Class and Inequality Conference (co-organized with the UC Riverside School of Public Policy). For the conference program and Zoom registration, visit here.

June 3, 2022 – The Fifth Conference of the California Workshop in Empirical Political Science (CaliWEPS V). To apply, visit here.


May 27, 2022 and August (specific date TBD) – Preparing for Job Market. It is a two-part training session for doctoral candidates in an advanced stage of dissertation work.

Fall 2021 IPRC Events

September 8 – Alma B.Calderón, Ph.D., Whittier College, “The Spillover Effects of Mining: The Case of the DRC”

September 22 – Manisha Goel, Ph.D., Pomona College, “Firms of a Feather Merge Together: Caste Proximity and Merger and Acquisition Outcomes”

October 6 – Justin Freebourn, Ph.D. candidate, UC Riverside, “Policy Solidarity: Conceptualizing and Measuring the Cognitive- and Institution-Centered Facets of Fiscal Policy Preferences as Theoretical Determinants of Macroeconomic Performance for Neoclassical Social Science”

October 13 – Tanu Kumar, Ph.D., William and Mary’s Global Research Institute, “How the content of claims shapes government responsiveness: theory and evidence from Mumbai”

October 20 – Maricruz Osorio, Ph.D. candidate, UC Riverside, “Community versus the Self: Immigrant Women’s Political Motivations”

November 3 – Carlos Algara, Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, “The Severity of COVID-19 and Republican Party Fortunes in the 2020 Elections: The Semblance of a Down-Ballot Presidential Spillover” (with Sharif Amlani, Samuel Collitt and Sara Kazemian)

December 1 – Jonathan Purtle, Ph.D., Drexel University, “Empirical Methods to Study Policymakers and the Contexts in Which They Make Decisions”


November 11 – November 13 – 2021 VIM | Visions in Methodology Annual Conference. For more information, visit here.

Spring 2021 IPRC Events

Special Events

April 1 – Conversation with Andrés Arauz, candidate for president of Ecuador, discussing the country’s political, social, and economic future, with a focus on human potential (co-sponsored with Soka University of America). Event flyer. Link to the web recording is available upon request (email: iprc@cgu.edu).

Research Webinars

February 19 – Jessamyn Schaller, Ph.D., Claremont McKenna College, “Children’s health insurance coverage and health expenses after parental job loss: Are families landing in or falling through the safety net?” (with Chloe N. East, Elira Kuka, and Mariana Zerpa)

March 4 – Dean Robinson, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst, “Topic: Health Disparities by Race and Class: Why Both Matter”

March 25 – Kristin Lunz Trujillo, Ph.D. candidate, Carleton College, “Decoupling Rural from White Working Class: The Role of Class and Local Economy in Rural Residency, Rural Identity, and Right-Wing Support”

April 8 – Jiin Jung, Ph.D., University of Kansas, “Cultural Drift, Indirect Minority Influence, Network Structure and Their Impacts on Cultural Change and Diversity” (with Aaron Bramson, William D. Crano, Scott E. Page, and John H. Miller)

April 22 – Joseph Dietrich, Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, and Jamaica Baccus-Crawford, Claremont Graduate University, “Yazzie et al. v. Hobbs: The 2020 Election and Voting by Mail on and off-Reservation in Arizona” (with Jean Reith Schroedel, Claremont Graduate University, and Kara Mazareas, Claremont Graduate University)

April 29 – Robert Klitgaard, Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, “Overcoming Ethnic Inequalities: Some Lessons from Developing Countries”

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