November 10, 2016

Behavioral Analytics: Auto Interior & UX

We were invited to present on:

  • “Secret” ingredients for getting vehicle features right and J.D. Power customer satisfaction scores up, such as the creation of behavioral variables – what people actually do in the car, not what they say they do in surveys
  • Creating “data sandwiches” by augmenting car generated data with context data, such as location and weather data, to create new business opportunities
  • Tricks of data management, such as metadata creation and normalization, as a prerequisite for success with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning

S. Langdon, C. 2016. What your customers are doing in their vehicles, why you want to know, and how to profit from it – ‘Auto Google’ and 3 steps to success. 15th Automobile Interior Conference (October 18-19), SV Veranstaltungen, Audi Forum Ingolstadt, Germany