February 15, 2024

Award-winning projects

“In practice, what matters is not whether the physician makes the right diagnosis but whether the patient recovers – that’s performance, it’s a test”  —  Peter F. Drucker*


Thinking and doing: We don’t stop at paper; instead, we translate our research into data analytics applications. Subsequently, this is put to the test, and adapted and refined in industry projects, encompassing both those owned by us and external entities (since 2019, including projects by Deutsche Telekom and subsidiaries).


Data analytics & software

  • 2020-present   Creating “dataphone” products with Web3 tech for dataspace networks that enable cross-organizational data sharing for digital twins and super-apps, such as product carbon footprint/ CO2 tracking, link
  • 2021-24   Catena-X**: Dataspace software development for the first open data ecosystem for data sharing with sovereignty protection (link), in Eclipse Foundation Tractus-X, link
  • 2021-24   Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility, advanced and intelligent mobility services, link
    – How to design a dataspace for mobility that is sustainable (modal shift to shared), safer (“seeing around corners”), cheaper (intermodal travel with existing vehicles)?
  • 2020-21   RealLab Hamburg, intermodal mobility super-app
    – How to share data for seamless travel offers across (competing) providers?
    For case study, see link; for monetization, see link
  • 2019-22   Human digital twins: DaWID, data-centered value creation platform for interactive, assistive service systems, link
    – How to design dataspace infrastructure for consumers to sell use of their data?
  • 2015-17   Demand response optimization, Southern California Edison, link
    – How to reduce and time-shift residential power consumption to save power plants?
  • 2015-16   Electrified mobility services, North America & Japan, Renault-Nissan, link
    – How to optimize municipal EV-based services – single/ multi vehicle fleets, docked/ free-floating, spot/ subscription pricing?
  • 2009-16   New vehicles & quality, real-life feature usage measurements with data mesh & behavioral analytics, Germany-USA-China, Mercedes-Benz, link
    – How to build what customers truly want to improve J.D. Power APEAL, and J.D. P Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) ratings?
  • 2006-08   Telematics & remote vehicle diagnostics, USA, Mercedes-Benz, link
    – How to lower service cost and increase J.D. Power Customer Service Index (CSI), and J.D. P Quality and Reliability (first 3 years) ratings?
  • 2006-07   Supply chain resilience, computational simulation, global, Renault-Nissan; story on simulation, link
    – How will the next recession increase supply chain vulnerability?
  • 2005-06   Return on marketing investments, marketing mix & attribution algorithmics, USA, Renault-Nissan, see teaching case study, link
    – How to allocate marketing spend to maximize “bang for the buck”?
  • 1998-99   Online communities with personalization, EU, Sony, link
    – How to personalize B2C channels using dial-up online link?
  • 1996-97   Online retailing with one-to-one marketing, DE, Metro/ Primus-Online, link
    – How to customize offers in B2C online selling?



  • 2022   RealLab Hamburg is winner of “Innovationspreis Reallabore 2022”, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), link; for case study, link
  • 2022   Best paper award – on data sharing with data sovereignty protectino, annual German information systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik) conference, link
  • 2015   “Ward’s Best Interior Winner” (client win; see “In-car Google”, link)
  • 2014-15   “Smart Home & Energy” data analytics grant, Southern California Edison, see “Drucker in ngram viewer”, link
  • 2012   “Mobile Excellence Award – Best Delivery Platform for Mobile” (client win; see similar, link)
  • 2010   “Telematics Leadership Award” (client win)
  • 2002-05   Web services/ software-as-a-service (SaaS) grants, Microsoft and Intel
  • 2001   Visiting professor, Computer Science, Darmstadt University of Technology, German National Science Foundation scholarship
  • 1998   Manager Magazin’s “Best E-Commerce Strategy Award” (client win)
  • 1994-95   “Kenneth R. Ernst Thought Leadership Award” runner-up/ nominee, Andersen Consulting/ Accenture


* Penta, A. 2017. Peter Drucker Speaks. A holographic interview – from Emmy Award winning Anthony Penta (Drucker Day 2017-11-16), Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont CA, link
** Professor Chris Schlueter Langdon is SAFe PM-PO certified (link) and one of three Agile Product Managers responsible for the Catena-X software release made available as free and open-source (FOSS) software under the Eclipse Foundation in the Tractus-X project, link