May 15, 2024

Industry events

“Management is not a science, not an art, it is a practice like medicine; you have a process of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment”  —  Peter F. Drucker*


Industry events provide a chance to engage with leaders and decision-makers, placing our research in a practical, real-world context. This interaction helps distil deeper research questions, ensuring laboratory solutions effectively address business needs. It also keeps us attuned to future requirements, fostering a more proactive approach to scientific inquiry.


Data analytics & software events

  • Dataspaces-USA: Workshop tour, May 07-17: Washington DC – Silicon Valley, link
  • Hannover Fair 2024 April 22-24: Dataspaces-Europe, link
    – Dataspace update: (1) Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility, link, (2) Catena-X, link
  • BCW Bosch Connected World 2024 Berlin: Digital twins 4 dataspaces, link
    – Research note, link
  • CES 2024 Las Vegas: Live pilot for scope-3 CO2 emission tracking in automotive, link
    – IBM’s 2min video: link; Research note, link
  • CESMII 2023 Greenville SC: Dataspaces have arrived in U.S., link
    – Catena-X benefits
  • Smart Manufacturing 2023 Greenville SC: 10 nations join forces to launch International Manufacturing-X (IM-X) – “Make Data Work”, link
    – International Manu-X, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing-X, Factory-X
  • Google Berlin 2023: New cloud region – better digital transformation and sovereignty, link
    – Sovereign cloud, Mobility: RealLab Hamburg abstract
  • Hub.Berlin 2023: A minister, CEOs, startups – data for sustainability solutions, link
    – CEO Hoettges, Minister Wissing; Mobility: From RealLab HH to GX4FM to Catena-X
  • Catena-X Prelaunch 2023 Austin TX: One system – Catena-X with Gaia-X, and IDSA, link
    – Overview C-X Consortium versus C-X Association, Eclipse Tractus-X, Gaia-X, IDSA
  • Intelligent Infrastructure 2023 Austin TX: Sneak preview of Catena-X in U.S., link
  • Hannover Fair 2023: Dataspace liftoff with Catena-X’s beta phase, link
    – Dataspace overview


AutoMobility events

  • ASMD 2024 Stuttgart by Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems: AI – Experts & ecosystems, link
    – Ecosystem examples: Catena-X, Mercedes-Benz
  • IAA 2023 & Catena-X networking Munich: Data drives software-defined vehicle, link
    – C-X benefits
  • Market-X 2023 Vienna: Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility – GX Digital Clearing House goes live, link
    – Verifiable credentials and first provider of a GX Digital Clearing House
  • CES 2023 Las Vegas: What is BMW’s DEE “ultimate companion”, and Sony’s Afeela? Link
  • LA Auto Show & AutoMobility Los Angeles 2022: Autonomous driving is arriving in LA, link
  • ITS WC 2022 Los Angeles: First dataspace case study with IDSA & Gaia-X on stage in U.S. – live intermodal travel demo, link
    – Mobility: RealLab Hamburg case study


* Penta, A. 2017. Peter Drucker Speaks. A holographic interview from Emmy Award winning Anthony Penta (Drucker Day 2017-11-16), Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont CA, link