May 20, 2018

Auto 1: Digital Service Shift and 7 Gaps

This paper lies at the intersection of our research on behavioral analytics and service management. It reflects our long tradition of using the auto industry as an application domain in our research and teaching. For example, our first MGT 349/505 Data Analytics course in 2013 was focused on “Smart Mobility & Auto,” and participants developed solutions for mitigating range anxiety with electric vehicles using real-life OBD2 data. On the customer service side, Bernie Jaworski, our Peter Drucker chaired professor, has pioneered service management frameworks elaborated in renowned publications, such as Harvard Business Review (Best Face Forward, Dec 2004, with J. Rayport). His latest book is focused on systematically unlocking organic growth opportunities in the customer purchase process (The Organic Growth Playbook: Activate High-Yield Behaviors To Achieve Extraordinary Results Every Time, 2018, with R. Lurie,

Langdon, C. 2018. The Auto Service Shift and 7 Gaps. Working Paper, MGT 317 Smart Products, Peter Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, LA county