• Degrees
    MA, Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation
  • Research Interests
    Queer leader development

Challie Frostick, formerly an Air Force pediatric medic with roots in the Midwest and various experiences working across the Southern U.S., now pioneers at the intersection of leadership development and positive organizational psychology at LeAD Labs.

Specializing in the empowerment and development of underrepresented leaders, more specifically queer and autistic individuals, Challie’s innovative research utilizes humor—including stand-up comedy and improvisational training—as transformative leadership tools. This work aims to reshape underrepresented leaders’ self-perception and bolster their confidence in their leadership abilities. By focusing on these unique tools, Challie seeks to unlock new pathways for inclusivity and self-efficacy in leadership, demonstrating the profound influence of humor and, more broadly, positive organizational psychology, in fostering resilient and confident leaders. With top strengths in harmony and empathy, alongside a strong sense of justice, Challie’s approach not only challenges existing leadership paradigms but also paves the way for more inclusive and empowering leadership models.

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