LeAD Certified Coaches

LeAD Certified Coaches undergo a rigorous selection process and receive extensive feedback on key coaching behaviors to ensure they are equipped with strong interpersonal and coaching skills. They complete in-depth training from LeAD Labs on the LeAD 6PLeadership Framework, our assessments (i.e., LeADself, LeAD360, and Assessment Center), and effective coaching behaviors. LeAD Certified Coaches possess expertise in various industries, such as higher education, museums and arts, and policing.

Justin Samortin, MA profile image

Justin Samortin, MA

Everybody's Favorite

Stephanie Dailey, MPA profile image

Stephanie Dailey, MPA

Research Associate

Brandon Sorenson profile image

Brandon Sorenson

Ashley Watterson, MA profile image

Ashley Watterson, MA

Coach and Research Associate

Raider Smith, MBA profile image

Raider Smith, MBA

Research Associate

Andrew Villamil profile image

Andrew Villamil

Fabiana Memmolo profile image

Fabiana Memmolo

Sophie Kim profile image

Sophie Kim

Andrew Emerson profile image

Andrew Emerson

For more information on coaching, please contact the Coaching Coordinator or visit our coaching services page.