LeAD Labs’ Free Online Tools

Facilitation Guide

Use this facilitation guide to help you plan and structure a meeting with those in your work circle who evaluated your leadership behaviors in the LeAD360. This tool will help those who completed the LeAD360 assessment to gain deeper insight into the leadership feedback provided to you.

Leader Development Guide

This online guide will teach you about the 6P Leadership Framework, giving you practical ideas on how to develop or improve your leadership behaviors in this area.

PsyCap Development Workbook

PsyCap is a positive psychological state of development, characterized by high levels of Hope, self-Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism (HERO within). Our hope is that you can use this handbook as a guide to your PsyCap development journey. Don’t forget developing
as a leader is an ongoing and a lifetime process. PsyCap will serve as your provisions in this long journey!