LeAD Labs introduces an innovative approach to leadership development evaluation with our evidence-based audit tool – the LeAD Labs’ Leader Development Diagnostic System (LDDS). Our diagnostic tool offers an external perspective to evaluate your organization’s leadership development systems, emphasizing effective and equitable practices. Focusing on inclusivity, the LDDS emphasizes the development of individuals typically underrepresented in leadership roles, such as women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our diagnostic system delves into seven critical organizational systems and processes, including 1) positions, tasks, and status, 2) selection, promotion, and turnover, 3) authority and decision-making, 4) rules and procedures, 5) development and training, 6) performance monitoring and evaluation, and 7) reward systems. For each of these practices, the LDDS examines seven dimensions of effectiveness and equity, ensuring alignment with organizational strategy, awareness, transparency, objectivity, representation and inclusion, equal treatment and impact, and access.

We recognize the importance of tailoring our services to the unique nuances of your organization. Through the guided self-assessment, the LDDS provides practitioners with specific questions, offering a framework and tools to identify strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s leader development systems.

Armed with this knowledge, your organization can strategically focus on areas that need improvement and enhance strengths to drive systems-level changes to support effective and equitable leadership development for all employees.

This cutting-edge diagnostic tool is crafted and continually updated by a team of faculty and graduate students, ensuring the integration of the latest research and evidence-based practices.