LeAD Research Lab

Becky Reichard, Ph.D. profile image

Becky Reichard, Ph.D.

Director, LeAD Labs

Shin Han, Ph.D. profile image

Shin Han, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar

Luke DeCoste profile image

Luke DeCoste

Research Lab Manager

Ashley Watterson, MA profile image

Ashley Watterson, MA

Coach and Research Associate

Darnell Mauricio profile image

Darnell Mauricio

Consulting Lab Data Coordinator & Research Lab Intern

Dan Smith, MA profile image

Dan Smith, MA

Research Consultant

Krista Jensen, MA profile image

Krista Jensen, MA

Director of Consulting Lab and Research Consultant

Emily Chan, MA profile image

Emily Chan, MA

Research Associate

Brendon Ellis, MA profile image

Brendon Ellis, MA

Research Consultant

Leslie Trainor, MBA profile image

Leslie Trainor, MBA

Research Consultant

Kristine Powers, MA profile image

Kristine Powers, MA

Research Associate and Consulting Associate

Raider Smith, MBA profile image

Raider Smith, MBA

Research Associate

Justin Samortin, MA profile image

Justin Samortin, MA

Everybody's Favorite

Stephanie Dailey, MPA profile image

Stephanie Dailey, MPA

Research Associate

Kayla Parker, MS profile image

Kayla Parker, MS

Research Associate

Challie Frostick, MA profile image

Challie Frostick, MA

Research Intern

If you are interested in learning about becoming a member of the LeAD Labs, review the research assistant expectations for MA students and PhD students.