Lab Founders

LeAD Labs was founded in 2013 by Professor Reichard and an amazing group of graduate students. Together, they established the Mission, Vision, and Values that guide LeAD Labs today.

Becky Reichard, Ph.D. profile image

Becky Reichard, Ph.D.

Director, LeAD Labs

Eric Middleton, Ph.D. profile image

Eric Middleton, Ph.D.

Assessments Lab Manager & Research Consultant

Hunter Black, Ph.D. profile image

Hunter Black, Ph.D.

Coaching Lab Manager

Kim Perkins, Ph.D. profile image

Kim Perkins, Ph.D.

Coach and Coaching Consultant

Josh Villanueva, Ph.D. profile image

Josh Villanueva, Ph.D.

Director of Strategy & Business Development

Nick Lamel, MA, MBA profile image

Nick Lamel, MA, MBA

Assessments Manager

Dillon Bathaser, MA profile image

Dillon Bathaser, MA

LeAD Assessor and Facilitator

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Dayna Walker, Ph.D.

Research Consultant

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Tony Hammon

Alison Abercrombie, MA profile image

Alison Abercrombie, MA

Lab Manager

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Mia Pennels

LeAD Labs’ Alum

So many folks have contributed to LeAD Labs since its founding in 2013. Having graduated with their MA and PhDs, LeAD Labs’ alum continue to work in both academia and practice to continue our mission of developing leaders through evidence-based practice.

Jessica Diaz, Ph.D. profile image

Jessica Diaz, Ph.D.

Research Consultant, Director of Coaching

Amber Kea-Edwards, Ph.D. profile image

Amber Kea-Edwards, Ph.D.

Research Consultant

Jason Beck, Ph.D. profile image

Jason Beck, Ph.D.

Research Consultant & Coach

Katie Cotter, Ph.D. profile image

Katie Cotter, Ph.D.

Research Consultant and Lab Manager

Poom Pitichat, Ph.D. profile image

Poom Pitichat, Ph.D.

Data Director, Research Consultant

Lisa Soto profile image

Lisa Soto

Research Intern

Alyssa Birnbaum profile image

Alyssa Birnbaum

Research Associate

Chris Chow profile image

Chris Chow

Research Associate

Adrian Reece profile image

Adrian Reece

Research Intern

Sasha Leviyev profile image

Sasha Leviyev

Research Intern

Jewel (Joo Young) Lee profile image

Jewel (Joo Young) Lee

Coaching Associate

Cory Tatum profile image

Cory Tatum

Coaching Intern

Tina Nguyen profile image

Tina Nguyen

Organizational Development Intern

Marko Liu profile image

Marko Liu

Research Associate

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Barbara Blatz-Stone

Tina Lee profile image

Tina Lee

Ashleigh Heinichen profile image

Ashleigh Heinichen

Research Intern

Laura Dannhäuser, Ph.D. profile image

Laura Dannhäuser, Ph.D.