LeAD Consulting Lab

Becky Reichard, Ph.D. profile image

Becky Reichard, Ph.D.

Director, LeAD Labs

Krista Jensen, MA profile image

Krista Jensen, MA

Director of Consulting Lab and Research Consultant

Taylor Kimball, MA profile image

Taylor Kimball, MA

Research Consultant and Consulting Manager

Ashley Watterson, MA profile image

Ashley Watterson, MA

Coach and Research Associate

Darnell Mauricio profile image

Darnell Mauricio

Consulting Lab Data Coordinator & Research Lab Intern

Kristine Powers, MA profile image

Kristine Powers, MA

Research Associate and Consulting Associate

Heather Sundell profile image

Heather Sundell

Content and Marketing Coordinator

Delia Bani-Shoraka profile image

Delia Bani-Shoraka

Project Coordinator


Allison Masters

Coaching Coordinator

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