Dan Smith is currently an advanced PhD student at Claremont Graduate University in positive organizational psychology. Dan’s research interests include the role of feedback in leader development, how leadership develops through a network perspective, the role of self-leadership in the gig economy, and (un)ethical behavior at work. Dan has specific expertise in bibliometric methods and has multiple such papers in press.

At LeAD Labs, Dan served as the Research Lab manager for three years, assisting with ongoing research projects and supporting Dr. Reichard in pursuing the lab’s three research streams. He has served as the data coordinator for the LeAD360, managing data collection for and troubleshooting issues regarding the LeAD360 for various clients. He developed the LeADself as a fully online self-assessment with a feedback report.

Dan graduated from Loyola Marymount University with his bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2014. When he is not writing, he is likely outside running or surfing.

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Smith, D.J., Mauricio, D., DeCoste, L., Shea, K., Reichard, R.J., Middleton, E.D. & *Molina, R. (2023). Mapping, reviewing, and charting the course for leader self-awareness research through bibliographic coupling. Symposium presentation at the Academy of Management, Boston, MA: Aug 4-8.

Birnbaum, A., Smith, D., Han, S., Chow, C., & Reichard, R.J. (2021). The virtual teams reality: Can psychological safety act as a substitute for shared leadership in temporary teams? Symposium presentation at Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP), New Orleans, LA: April 15-17.