Emily Chan
  • Degrees
    MA, Organizational Behavior and Evaluation
  • Research Interests
    Women's leader development
    Bias interrupters
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Emily Chan is a PhD student in Organizational Behavior. Her research interests include women and leadership, interventions to overcome workplace bias, second generation gender bias, and followership. Chan’s thesis focuses on bias interrupters and helping women obtain leader development opportunities. She is currently working with Dr. Reichard on a meta-analysis on ethical leadership and gender. Emily is also working on a research project that examines how leadership style and parental status affect perceptions of candidate hireability. Collaborating with other scholars, she created a theoretical model of responsible leadership for a book chapter. Her senior thesis at UCLA examined factors that influence women’s interest in STEM careers. She has also conducted applied projects with various organizations examining team dynamics, training, feedback, and employee motivation. Emily graduated with honors and received her BA in Psychology from UCLA and earned her MA in Psychology (Organizational Behavior) from Claremont Graduate University. In her spare time, Emily enjoys singing with her choir, playing the piano, and doing Zumba.

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