Josh Villanueva

Josh Villanueva, PhD student in Organizational Behavior, is co-founder and head of the strategic planning committee at LeAD. He serves multiple functions within LeAD operations including key roles on the marketing and finance committees. In his practitioner work, he focuses on using the best sources of information to design, implement, and evaluate various organizational development and change initiatives that meet the needs of the individual context. Above all else, he aspires to push society forward in positive and ethical ways by facilitating effective development and change processes in the organizations he partners with.

In his research he is committed to producing work that matters in the world and champions the concept of evidence-based management. One of his research streams examines how different sources of information can be effectively integrated to maximize the quality of decision making for both individual managers as well as entire organizations. His other major research interest looks at increasing understanding of how leaders develop and what factors prepare them to succeed when developmental opportunities emerge.

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