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    MA, Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation
  • Research Interests
    Women's leader development
    Leader identity
    Implicit Leadership Theories
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Krista Jensen, M.A., is a PhD candidate studying Positive Organizational Psychology at Claremont Graduate University with a certificate in Women and Gender Studies.

She focuses her research on taking an intersectional approach to understanding and facilitating leadership development for traditionally marginalized groups. Her past collaborative research as a part of LeAD Labs focuses on women’s leader identity development, a grounded theory approach to LGBTQIA+ leader development, and theoretically exploring racial microinclusions. Krista has co-authored a published book chapter on women’s leader development across cultures and a bibliometric review of Role Congruity Theory currently under review. She has presented her research at multiple conferences, including the Western Psychological Association, Creating Healthy Organizations, and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium. Currently, Krista is working on her dissertation, which uses a novel methodological approach (choice-based conjoint analysis) to examine how our implicit leadership theories affect our perceptions of leaders with intersecting gender, racial, and sexual orientation identities.

Krista is the Director of Consulting for LeAD Labs and has served in project management roles for the last five years. The projects she manages for LeAD Labs develop emerging- through executive-level leaders from diverse industries and backgrounds. In her role as Director of Consulting, Krista supports the development and implementation of leader development training and assessments, collaboratively engages in evaluation activities, cultivates new clients, and strategically enriches LeAD Labs through organizational development, internal capacity building, mentorship, and bridging the gap between research and consulting.

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