Nick Lamel
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    MA, Organizational Behavior
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Nick Lamel completed a MA in Organizational Behavior and a MBA from the Drucker School. As a founding member of LeAD Labs, Nick served as an adviser/consultant to LeAD Labs. He brought to LeAD Labs a passion for increasing (and quantifying!) the value that leaders can bring to individual followers, teams, and organizations. Nick played a key role in developing the LeAD assessment center and was a facilitator and assessor for the one-on-one role-play simulation. Though Nick’s focus on leadership can certainly be traced to influential leaders in his life or early experiences leading group projects in various classes, few know that one of his formative leadership experiences was as the leader of a 40-person raid group in the video game World of Warcraft. Nick misses the days when the effects of leadership changeover could be operationalized with something as simple as a differential in the number of bosses killed on a given night!

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