Thiraput Pitichat

Thiraput (Poom) Pitichat received his MA in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation and completed coursework in the Human Resource Design Program at Claremont Graduate University. He is currently a doctoral student at CGU in positive organizational psychology researching leader development and e-leadership.

At LeAD Labs, Poom is currently working as a research associate and organizational development consultant. He is also a member of the coaching community and practice. He developed logos and other digital materials for the LeAD Labs. He is the administrator of the website.

He is a lead assessor for the “In-Basket” exercise with the Assessment Center, assessing leadership behaviors in email communications. His research interests include e-leadership, leadership development, positive relationships at work, and coaching. He is also interested in practicing meditation and exploring inner experience, which help him understand himself and other people better. Poom is also an international student from Thailand. He graduated from Chulalongkorn Business School in Bangkok, Thailand with a BBA in Marketing and Human Resources Management where he served as a president of the student body in 2011. In the future, he wants to establish a positive psychology center in Thailand.